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P.O.Box 500178
San Diego, CA

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SureFire Recovery, Inc.
Intro to our Collection Division

SureFire Recovery, Inc. is a fully licensed collection agency. With over thirty years combined, our experience in the collection industry has made us responsive to today’s problems and each industry’s growing need for recovery assistance.

Each member of SureFire Recovery, Inc. is available to answer your questions regarding our procedures and any collection problems you may be experiencing. Our top of the line knowledgeable collection professionals, and the extensive experience of our personnel in search-and-collection techniques are organized into a family team few other agencies can equal.

Collection procedure begins as soon as we receive the assignments. We use BANKO online to scrub all new accounts against possible Bankruptcy and Deceased situations, as well as an online ACOLLAID search through a publicly posted new address service. We list all new accounts with Experian, Equifax, Trans-Union and Innovis Credit Information Services following a 45 day holding period after assignment

We start with phone attempts and a standard six-month series of letters, computer scheduled to comply with FDCPA regulations, and at the same time continue each account by audit from client account inventories, until paid. Additional letters and phone attempts continue through the entire time the account is with our agency. Negotiations, Persistence, Settlement offers reflecting your parameters, Reminders, Dispute responses, Potential Legal action for assets after investigation are all part of the collection services we provide.

By outsourcing the collection of your defaulted receivables you will immediately save time and money, allowing you to focus on increasing your own business potentials, marketing activities or advancing your own in-house services. Collections are a full time job. You simply can not afford to run your own business and do the job we will do for you, at the same time.

Even with the most thorough and sophisticated in-house systems employed by business or professional offices, or the efforts of dedicated staff or billing services, the placement of an account with a professional collection agency always creates an immediate impact upon the individual owing money. There is great public awareness of the consequences of non-payment to a collection agency, helping to convince the individual that it is in their best interest to pay off the balance as soon as possible.

With our experience in several different industries, our results are second to none.

We also accept accounts which have been with other collection agencies showing an unsuccessful history in attempts to collect the outstanding debt owed. Reassignment to a new agency usually stimulates a renewed response from many of those individuals who have shown little or no interest to that date. The older an unpaid account becomes, the more difficult it is to effect satisfactory results. We encourage our clientele to assign regularly after specified periods of time allowing for insurance or other source funding’s to run their course.

We look forward to exceeding your expectations in performance and service while at all times protecting the excellent reputation of your office and SureFire Recovery, Inc.